You have made a fantastic choice. This course is a unique opportunity for you to get to know and to develop the skills of happiness, a topic so vague and subjective that it is usually very difficult to grasp and master.

People talk about the “Pursuit of Happiness”, but that is exactly why happiness is so difficult to achieve- and even when we do, it seems to fade faster than we’d like. Happiness is not something we attain; it is not somewhere we arrive. The more you “pursue” happiness, the less you’ll find it. Why? Because happiness is -and always has been- within ourselves; we just need to come back to it; to that natural state that is happiness.


Why this course?

In times like these when we have so many things to do and activities to keep us busy, we owe ourselves a moment to stop, to think, feel and assess whether the path we are on is making us happy or not and if it is the path we wanted to be on in the first place. It is never too late to correct the path, but eventually we have to do it if we are serious about our lives. This is what this course can give you; a chance to stop, to think and make important changes that can affect your wellbeing today and in the future.

We will present you with three powerful approaches to having a happier life. The three are extremely important, but they are usually addressed superficially or separately. We encourage you to use them together, since they are not exclusive.

  • Approach I: Living an authentic life
  • Approach II: Mastering your experiences
  • Approach III: Knowing your true happiness activities

Finally, this course is a fantastic, more affordable alternative to having your own coach, since it’s built around powerful concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and around some of the best coaching methodologies in the world. You will have the opportunity to do coaching on yourself, which will help you implement these learnings in your daily life, instead of being forgotten like it happens with most personal development books and courses. 

We encourage you to print the Self-Coaching Exercises and work on them with your handwriting. This way, you will use your brain in a more comprehensive way, compared to just typing on your computer or phone.


Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn:

  • Your current happiness level.
  • The encouraging latest scientific research that puts happiness back in your hands.
  • What happiness is and what it’s not.
  • How to know yourself better and live an authentic life that’s right for you.
  • How we actually don’t experience reality, but our own distorted version of it.
  • How to master your every experience.
  • Happiness activities proven by science to create real happiness.
  • How to make space in your life to fit your new found happiness activities.

After this course you will have gone through a very important inner change process, which will allow you to make better decisions on where to spend you time, money and energy.


Course Structure

This course is organized in lessons and sub-lessons containing most of the course information. As you can see on the following image, on the top right side of each lesson you can find navigation buttons (1) to go to the previous lesson or the next (arrows), to go back to the course home page (cross) and to mark the lessons as completed once you finish them. Plese notice that a next lesson only becomes available once you mark the previous one as completed.

You can often find additional resources and attachments on the right sidebar on each lesson (2). Also on the right sidebar you can always find the lesson index (3), which you can use to navigate the course content. At the bottom of each lesson there will be a list of questions other students have made. There you can also post a question or comment which will be answered by the course teacher.

Sample lesson screenshot

Screenshot of a sample lesson


Course duration

This is a self-paced course, so your progress really depends on your need to work on concepts and skills that are presented along the course, especially in the Self-Coaching Exercises. These exercises will make you think differently and prompt you to take action to apply your learnings. How long it will take you to resume the course and take the next lesson depends entirely on the actions you yourself design on those exercises; some actions will be small and some could be bigger or more challenging. It is really up to you.

We encourage you to do these exercises very consciously and without any rush, for therein lies the key to change: using your mind in new and powerful ways and trying out new things.


Expectations for the student

The value you get from the course depends entirely on your attitude, on the intention you put into it, on your honesty when answering the questions which are meant to make you think and on what you do in your daily life after a lesson. Putting things into practice allows you to learn more and consolidate those learnings.
Having said that, just go ahead and enjoy! This is your gift to yourself and you sure deserve to take the best out of it.